One of the main stages of arranging the interior of a building is laying the floor, which can be covered with ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet, linoleum or solid wood. Natural wood is a material that has many advantages over other types of flooring and therefore in most cases it is desirable to choose it. For renovation of residential or commercial space, solid wood flooring is a reliable and attractive choice. It is said to give the interior a sense of permanence and it has been a popular choice for centuries.

Wood is a unique natural material that is environmentally friendly. The tree has a beneficial effect on human health, creating a comfortable indoor microclimate. It does not cause allergic reactions, improves sleep, improves life tone and ability to work. In addition, the wood retains heat perfectly. Wood flooring allows you to do things like install a warm floor.

It is aesthetic, ennobles the room and gives it a sophisticated and cozy look.


Natural wood can maintain a comfortable microclimate in the apartment or house, absorb excess moisture and, if necessary, release it.

Thanks to the large assortment of wood species, customers can choose what is most suitable for the interior – cedar, pine, mahogany, beech, etc. The strength of wood flooring depends on the density of the wood. The strongest species are larch, oak and beech. Spruce and pine have a low density, so the thickness of the boards of these varieties is somewhat larger for the floor.

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Fir floors are elastic and have a non-slip surface. They suppress any sound because wood is a good sound insulation material. One of the advantages of wood flooring is durability.

Wood flooring is easy to repair; Dismantling and replacing worn items does not require special skills. In addition, it is possible to renew the damaged shredded surface by scrubbing. When working on wood, its mechanical properties must be taken into account.

High quality wood flooring, which is oven-fired, as well as manufactured, installed and finished to the appropriate standards, can last for generations. Thus, floors made of quality solid wood can withstand active workplaces and foot movement.

Wood flooring is durable and has stood the test of time. Homes over the age of 100 can have an original floor if it is properly cared for. They just need to be cleaned or vacuumed, or sometimes cleaned with a wooden floor cleaner.

Wood flooring increases the value of real estate. It is a large long-term investment that can actually become a strong argument for the value of a property when reselling real estate and that would exceed the initial installation cost of a wooden floor.

Wood flooring offers a wide range of surfaces. Many colors, styles, spots and species are available here. No matter how diverse and unique your needs are, there are many options for solid wood flooring.

Wood flooring works with all styles of decoration, from traditional to ultra-modern. It is available in several types such as oak, cherry walnut and can be made according to the taste of the homeowner. When your style changes, you can also change the look of your wood flooring.

Samples of several private projects implemented by the "House of Wood"