Special Features Of Wooden Windows


Wooden windows enhance aesthetically the appearance of a building, especially a new building. In today’s world, skyscraper windows made of metal or composite materials have a truly impressive look. But undoubtedly, the importance of wooden windows in historic buildings and medium-sized houses is indispensable. But do they have any advantages other than trendy window accents?

Yes, they really are!

What are their benefits?

In developed countries, the problem of raw materials has long been resolved. They prefer everything natural.

There are a number of advantages to owning wooden windows. One of these advantages is its environmental friendliness. Wood windows are getting taller due to their environmental benefits.

The generous nature has endowed wood with its versatile properties:

Durability. No other raw material is as durable as wood. High-quality processing of modern windows and their design give a 100% guarantee that the windows will be very reliable and will serve you for a long time. Thus, they can withstand large changes in weather and temperature.

Air penetration Air and moisture are exchanged in the wood material, so the amount of oxygen in the room does not change. Thanks to the wooden micropores, there is a constant exchange of air, even if the windows are closed. This helps maintain a constant level of fresh air in the room. Even if wooden windows are treated with paint or varnish, this does not prevent them from “breathing”.

Thermal insulation. In severe frost, if we touch the wooden frame, we do not feel the cold, because wood is the best heat insulator. The thermal conductivity of wood is very low, thermal bridges can form in window frames, which eliminates the formation of condensation.

Soundproofing. Modern European wood-framed windows enhance sound insulation because they are made of wood. A double-glazed window of three or two parts increases the sound insulation several times. Double glazed wooden windows can be near an airfield or railway.

Fire resistance. The hardness of wood in relation to fire has long been known. During a fire, a protective layer appears on the surface of a burning tree. This prevents the penetration of fire from the surface of the wood into the depths. Like plastic, wood does not emit harmful substances or toxic gases when burned. And if the wooden window is equipped with a fireproof layer, the spread of fire will be prevented for 90 minutes.

Ecology. The trees are carefully selected for the windows. Before assembly, the window is covered with a special compound (environmentally friendly), which protects the wood from wear and tear, both outside and inside. Therefore, wooden frames retain completely natural properties.

Plastic. The ductility of the wood material allows it to bend into a round shape. Consequently, it is possible to produce windows of almost any shape: trapezoid, triangular, arches, circles and other more complex geometry.

Wooden stained-glass windows - Hotel "Stamba"

Collage of stained glass windows at the Stamba hotel.